Advantages of Tungsten Fishing Beads

Tungsten Fishing Beads Picture

A major advantage of havingtungsten fishing beads incorporated into your favorite fly patterns is that they provide an element of flash to fly patterns by reflecting sunlight that has penetrated the water's surface.

A trout's diet naturally consists of approximately 90 percent aquatic insects so anything that you can do to your favorite nymph pattern to help get the trout's attention will pay big dividends. When tungsten fishing beads nymph anglers need to understand how fast a fly is going to sink. Experimenting with leader lengths and different sizes and types of beads will be needed to understand how fast the flies will sink. Using the countdown method after the cast will accurately let the fly angler know what level of the water column he or she is fishing.

In most cases when presenting flies to fishing holding in deep holes the smaller more aggressive fish will strike the fly closer to the surface. Getting the fly down deep and rolling it along the bottom will improve your chances of hooking the real lunker in the hole.